Our Partners
Jack of all trades, master of none ?
Experts working together.
Yes, "Jack of all trades, master of none." is a phrase we have all heard many a time I am sure.    There are times though when you need an expert in the field to help with a particular task.   Below will be an ever expanding list of friends and partners that specialize in many and varied areas, and not just relating to Information Technology.    So if you are a local specialist who thinks that they have something special to offer then get in touch.
Were looking for partners...
Do you have a service or skill that you think would be an ideal partnership for RIROC?

Drop me an email so we can get together and discuss our we can better serve my clients and your clients, together.
PugHearts of Houston - Pug Rescue
Pug Hearts of Houston Pug Rescue is a true 501(c)(3) non-profit charity founded in the Houston area by dedicated pug owners and lovers. Our mission is the rescue, rehabilitation and permanent placement of needy pugs into loving homes.

We donate all hosting, programming and site maintainance to PugHearts of Houston and play an active role in the Pug rescue process.

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